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Первый эпизод психоза -Информация заболевшим и их близким

Ева Повилайтене, Eds.: Глобальная инициатива в психиатрии, (2019)

Каждый человек имеет право на информацию, которая ему поможет понять себя и окружающий его мир. Понимание придает силы, поощряет активнее добиваться своего выздоровления, а также помочь другим. Все пациенты и их близкие имеют право на самую подробную информацию о болезни, ходе лечения и перспективах. Это им гарантирует Конституция Литовской Республики и Закон об Охране Психического Здоровья. Accessed on 2019

INCLUDE: A Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Learning Community

World Health Organization (WHO), (2018)

Accessed Online July 2018 | Website where, after you log in, you can join the INCLUDE learning community. Here you can connect with other CBR and development professionals who are committed to community-based development that is truly inclusive. After logging in, as an INCLUDE community member, you will be able to: Learn about Community-based Rehabilitation (CBR) as an inclusive development strategy to realize the rights of people with disabilities at the community level; Discover how other programmes are putting CBR’s inclusive development strategy into action; Create your own action plan for inclusive development; Share experiences, thoughts and ideas with a community of other dedicated individuals working in CBR; Reflect on your own experiences and beliefs about inclusive development.

Disability-inclusive social protection research in Vietnam

Banks, Lena M., Walsham, Matthew and others, Eds.: International Centre for Evidence in Disability, (2018)

A national overview with a case study from Cam Le district
The overall aims of this study are (1) to assess the extent to which social protection systems in Vietnam address the needs of people with disabilities; and (2) to identify and document elements of good practice, as well as challenges, in the design and delivery of social protection for people with disabilities. As most social protection programmes in Vietnam are targeted to various vulnerable groups (e.g. orphans, widows, single parents), the research mainly focuses on disability-specific schemes, as they are relevant to a higher proportion of people with disabilities.

India: Guidelines for Disability Prevention and Medical Rehabilitation

National Leprosy Eradication Programme; National Health Mission; Ministry of Health & Social Welfare India, Eds.: Novartis Comprehensive Leprosy Care Association, (2012)

Guidelines for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Level Care,...

India: NLEP-guidelines on reduction of stigma and discrimination against persons affected by leprosy

National Leprosy Eradication Programme; National Health Mission; Ministry of Health & Social Welfare India, (2012)

Technical guide on community-based rehabilitation and leprosy

WHO/ILEP, (2007)

Meeting the rehabilitation needs of people affected by leprosy and promoting quality of life.

Participation Scale. User Manual. Version 6.0

ILEP International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations, (2010)

A scale to measure (social) participation for use in rehabilitation, stigma reduction and social integration programmes

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