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ePROTECT course

World Health Organization WHO, (2015)

Ebola is a serious disease. Pre-deployment training and follow-up support is required to help personnel working in affected countries work safely and effectively. The ePROTECT course is a basic self-learning online introduction for personnel being deployed to work on the Ebola response. You can access the course from a computer or a tablet. Go to the website:

Community-based Reports of Co-Morbidity, Co-mortality, and Health-Seeking Behaviors in Four Monrovia Communities During the West African Ebola Epidemic

Sharon Abramowitz, Kristen McLean, Josephine Monger, Kodjo Tehoungue, Sarah McKune, Mosoka Fallah, Patricia Omidian, Eds.: Ebola Anthropology Platform, (2015)

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