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Fièvre hémorragique virale à Ebolavirus

D. Peyramond, C. Rapp, H. Coignard, et al, (2014)

Actualités et réflexions sur la prise en charge médicale du premier patient suspect d’infection par le premier médecin

Guide to community engagement in WASH

Niederberger, E.; S. Ferron and M. O'Reilly, Eds.: Oxfam, (2016)

A practioner's guide, based on lessons from Ebola. This guide is a compilation of best practices and key lessons learned through Oxfam’s experience of community engagement during the 2014–15 Ebola response in Sierra Leone and Liberia. It aims to inform public health practitioners and programme teams about the design and implementation of community-centred approaches

Using media and communication to respond to public health emergencies: lessons learned from Ebola

Wilkinson, S., Eds.: BBC Media Action, (2016)

The paper sets out the specific communication challenge posed by Ebola and why it was so difficult to get to grips with this in the early months of the outbreak. It thendocuments when the health communication response became more useful and explores what that tells us about effective media and communication. Finally, it offers recommendations to ensure that media and communication are used to their full potential during other disease outbreaks and humanitarian crisis

Unlocking the community health workforce potential, post-Ebola: what models and strategies work?

Wilton Park, Eds.: mPowering; USAID; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, et al., (2016)

There is strong evidence of the impact CHWs can have on health outcomes for their communities. Justification for investment in in CHWs has been well established, but there remain questions about how to find the resources to do this sustainably. Real and practical challenges to building and supporting a strong community health workforce persist- challenges that existed before Ebola, but in many cases have become even worse

Effizienz durch Fortbildung Schulung zum Thema Ebola. German.

EFFO Ebola, (2016)

Accessed 23rd February 2016 Dieses Manual dient der Durchführung von Trainings von Krankenhauspersonal zur Vorbereitung auf Ebola-Verdachtsfälle in Westafrika. EFFO-Trainerinnen und Trainer finden hier die Lehrmaterialien und Unterlagen für die Organisation einer Schulung.

21-Day Investigation of Ebola Patient’s Direct Contacts in Sierra Leone

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, (2015)

Colour poster. Aimed at community in Sierra Leone. Explains principles of contact tracing in a simple manner.

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