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Guidelines for malaria vector control

World Health Organization WHO, (2019)

The Guidelines for malaria vector control provide a “one-stop shop” for all countries and partners working to implement effective malaria vector control measures. They cover the 2 core malaria vector control interventions – ITNs and IRS – as well as supplementary interventions, namely chemical and biological larvicides, and personal protection measures, such as the use of topical repellents. The guidelines consolidate more than 20 sets of WHO recommendations and good practice statements in one user-friendly format.

Latent TB Infection : Updated and consolidated guidelines for programmatic management

World Health Organization WHO, (2018)

The consolidated guidelines are expected to provide the basis and rationale for the development of national guidelines for LTBI management, adapted to the national and local epidemiology of TB, the availability of resources, the health infrastructure and other national and local determinants. The guidelines are to be used primarily in national TB and HIV control programmes, or their equivalents in ministries of health, and for other policy-makers working on TB and HIV and infectious diseases. They are also appropriate for officials in other line ministries with work in the areas of health.

Руководство по лечению туберкулеза с множественной лекарственной устойчивостью

Kwonjune J. Seung, Michael L. Rich, Amy Elizabeth Barrera-Cancedda et al., Eds.: USAID, TBCARE I, TBCARE II, (2013)

Это руководство предназначено для использования в качестве пособия дл яврачей и других медицинских работников, осуществляющих лечение и уход за больными лекарственно-устойчивым туберкулезом.

Диагностика и лечение туберкулеза с множественной лекарственной устойчивостью возбудителя

Васильева Ирина Анатольевна, Самойлова Анастасия Геннадьевна, Эргешов Атаджан Эргешович et al., Eds.: федеральное государственное бюджетное учреждение центральный научно-исследовательский институт туберкулеза российской академии медицинских наук, Американский международный союз здравоохранения, (2012)

Cовершенствование теоретических знаний и практических навыков по вопросам диагностики и лечения туберкулеза с множественной лекарственной устойчивостью (МЛУ) микобактерий.

Public health guidance on screening and vaccination for infectious diseases in newly arrived migrants within the EU/EEA

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, (2018)

The main objective of this guidance is to provide scientific advice, based on an evidence-based assessment of targeted public health interventions, to facilitate effective screening and vaccination for priority infectious diseases among newly arrived migrant populations to the EU/EEA. It is intended to support EU/EEA Member States to develop national strategies to strengthen infectious disease prevention and control among migrants and meet the health needs of these populations.

Compendium of WHO guidelines and associated standards: ensuring optimum delivery of the cascade of care for patients with tuberculosis

World Health Organization WHO, (2018)

2nd edition. T The Compendium has been developed as a clear and concise instrument to facilitate the understanding and planning of delivery of high-quality care for everybody affected by TB. It incorporates all recent policy guidance from WHO; follows the care pathway of persons with signs or symptoms of TB in seeking diagnosis, treatment and care; and includes key algorithms and cross-cutting elements that are essential to a patient-centered approach in the cascade of TB care. The Compendium is structured into 33 WHO standards and consolidates all current WHO TB policy recommendations into a single resource, with electronic links to the individual, comprehensive WHO policy guidelines

Mejores prácticas para la atención de pacientes con tuberculosis

G. Williams, E. Alarcón, S. Jittimanee et al., (2017)

Guía para países de bajos ingresos. 2 edición

Field Guide for the Management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

A. Piubello, Eds.: The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, (2018)

A practical tool to help health workers in the clinical and operational management of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis with special focus on the introduction, implementation and management of the nine-month treatment regimen.

Management of Diabetes Mellitus-Tuberculosis – A Guide to the Essential Practice

Lin Yan, Anthony D Harries, Ajay M V Kumar, et al., Eds.: The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, (2018)

This resource provides practical guidance for front line health workers responsible for the diagnosis, management and care of patients with these two diseases. Published in collaboration with the World Diabetes Foundation.

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