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Laboratory biosafety manual

World Health Organization WHO, Eds.: WHO, (2004)

3rd edition. Available in different languages: English; French; Spanish; Portuguese; Chinese; Japanese; Italian; Serbian

Guidelines for Medicine Donations

World Health Organization, (2011)

This 3rd edition of Guidelines for medicine donations has been developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in cooperation with major international agencies active in humanitarian relief and development assistance. The guidelines are intended to improve the quality of medicine donations in international development assistance and emergency aid. Good medicine donation practice is of interest to both donors and recipients...

Where There Is No Child Psychiatrist - A Mental Healthcare Manual

Valsamma Eapen, Philip Graham & Shoba Srinath, Eds.: The Royal College of Psychiatrists, (2012)

This manual is a guide to the assessment and management of children and adolescents with developmental, behavioural and emotional problems. It has been written mainly for primary care professionals, especially primary care physicians and nurses, working in lowand middle-income countries.

Clinical management of patients with viral haemorrhagic fever. A pocket guide for the front-line health worker

World Health Organization, Regional Office for Africa;, (2016)

The purpose of this pocketbook is to provide clear guidance on current best management practices for VHF across health-care facilities

Clinical care for survivors of Ebola virus disease

World Health Organization (WHO), (2016)

Interim Guidance. A number of medical problems have been reported in survivors, including mental health issues. Ebola virus may persist in some body fluids, including semen. Ebola survivors need comprehensive support for the medical and psychosocial challenges they face and also to minimize the risk of continued Ebola virus transmission. WHO has developed this document to guide health services on how to provide quality care to survivors of Ebola virus disease

Predictive values of Ebola RDTs and implications for decision-makers

World Health Organization (WHO), (2015)

Annex to Selection and use of Ebola in vitro diagnostic assays

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