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Infection Control for Viral Haemorraghic Fever in the African Health Care Setting. Part 3

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , World Health Organization, (1998)

Part 3: Use Safe Burial Practices

HIV and Ebola Update

UNAIDS, (2014)

It is essential that all people, including people living with HIV, are able to access health services and ongoing treatment. If people living with HIV who are on ART stop abruptly because they cannot access new supplies they could rapidly become unwell, drug resistance may build and the chances of onward transmission of the virus would increase.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Guidance App

Médecins sans Frontières, (2014)

For those with smartphones, you can install the free ‘MSF Guidance’ app by the Open Medicine Project from the app store. It includes the MSF guidelines on Ebola and Marburg virus disease. MSF guidance is an easily searchable app with all the latest MSF clinical protocols and essential drug information for medical field workers. All content can be downloaded before mission and accessed at any time. MSF Guidance for Android devices: MSF Guidance for Apple devices:

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