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Fiche technique Cryopack 6.2

Coretx, (2014)

Le Cryopack 6.2/4L PSE est un conditionnement isotherme permettant l’expédition en température basse (réfrigération ou congélation) de matières infectieuses pour l’homme (matières identifiées dans la classe 6, division 6.2 des réglementations IATA, ADR et IMDG).

Infection Control for Viral Haemorraghic Fever in the African Health Care Setting

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , World Health Organization WHO, (1998)

Important Guideline for Ebola prevention and control It is designed for the following uses: - for prevention through preparedness--to help African health facilities make advance preparations for responding with appropriate precautions when a VHF (including Ebola) case is suspected. - for planning and conducting in-service training to strengthen standard precautions and VHF isolation precautions. - as a rapid reference when a VHF (i.e. Ebola) case appears at a health facility where no previous VHF preparations have been made.

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