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NEW Child Protection Case Management Training Manual for Caseworkers, Supervisors and Managers

The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, (2014)

This Training Manual is developed based on the Child Protection Working Group Interagency Guidelines for Case Management. The Facilitator’s Guide provides guidance on the key steps to take before, during and after training, including customizing the training to different contexts and audiences.

NEW Alterseinschätzung: Rechtlicher Rahmen, fachliche Standards und Hinweise für die Praxis

Bundesfachverband unbegleitete minderjährige Flüchtlinge BumF, (2019)

Welche Verfahren existieren und sind zulässig? Welche rechtlichen Vorgaben und fachlichen Standards sind bei der Durchführung der Alterseinschätzung zu beachten? Wie kann in der Praxis gegen fehlerhafte Entscheidungen/Alterseinschätzungen vorgegangen werden? Die Arbeitshilfe bietet hierzu Hinweise und Empfehlungen.

NEW Guidelines to Strengthen the Social Service Workforce for Child Protection

Global Social Service Workforce Alliance, UNICEF, (2019)

These guidelines are informed by evidence of ‘what works’ and lessons learned in the field. They are designed to accelerate UNICEF regional and country offices’ programming on social service workforce strengthening, and support work to better plan, develop and support the social services workforce with national and regional partners.

Compendium of resources: A supporting document to Unicef´s operational guidance. Community based child protection.

Zeinab Hijazi, Mental Health, Psychosocial and Protection Consultant , Eds.: UNICEF, (2015)

For applying the new operational guidance on CB-MHPSS in the field, UNICEF country offices and partners will need ready access to tools and resources that can be used to implement the programs. By bringing together resources from different contexts, the compendium makes options available to country offices and partners for programming. The compendium aims to strengthen UNICEF capacity for MHPSS programming consistent with the IASC Guidelines for MHPSS in Emergencies and described by the 9 circles of support in the UNICEF operational framework. The compendium is a compiled set of resources, already being used by UNICEF and partners, both national and international, in diverse settings.

Charte Africaine sur les Droits et le bien-etre de l'Enfant

Comité Africain d’Experts sur les Droits et le Bien-être de l’Enfant CAEDBE, (1990)

Adoptée par la Vingt-Sixième Conférence de Chefs d’Etat et de Gouvernement de l’OUA,Addis Abéba (Ethiopie) - Juillet 1990

Учительський словник чарівних висловів

unicef, EU Children of Peace, Eds.: unicef, EU Children of Peace, (2019)

Як знайти спільну мову з дітьми? Як порозумітися в непростих ситуаціях, що виникають мало не щодня? Ми склали невеличкий словничок, який допоможе мотивувати учнів до навчання і відновити довіру до вчителя. Для зручності у словничку є групи, назви яких підказують, що «почує» і відчує учень, якщо ви вживатимете у відповідних ситуаціях ці та подібні вислови. Щиро бажаємо вам взаєморозуміння, довіри і теплої атмосфери в роботі! Accessed on 2019

Cartographie des enfants en mouvement en Afrique

Comité Africain d’Experts sur les Droits et le Bien-être de l’Enfant CAEDBE, Eds.: GIZ; Save the Children; EU, (2018)

Mapping Children on the Move

African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Children ACERWC , Eds.: GIZ; Save the Children; EU, (2018)

In reviewing State Parties report on the implementation of the Charter, the Committee has identified children on the move as an emerging child protection issue in African, and therefore commissioned a study in view of making recommendations to tackle the problem in Member States. The Committee observed that there were challenges with regard to upholding the rights and welfare of children on the move and that there are gaps on the type of protection measures and treatment that is be accorded to such children within our beloved Continent. The study presents key drivers of the children on the move, migration routes, challenges faced by children on the move, policy and institutionalized content protecting children on the move and finally the way forward.

Positive Mental Health, fighting Stigma and promoting resiliency for children and adolescents

Matthew Hodes and Susan Gau , Eds.: IACAPAP, (2016)

The International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions (IACAPAP) aims to promote the mental health and development of children and adolescents worldwide. It seeks to achieve this by contributing to the training and professional development of the child and adolescent mental health professionals by disseminating up-todate and high-quality information through its publications, organization of biennial international congresses, and study groups. IACAPAP has a long tradition of publishing monographs released to coincide with the congresses, with the first one published in 1970.

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