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WHO AFRO Outbreaks and Other Emergencies, Week 12: 18 - 24 March 2019; Data as reported by 17:00; 24 March 2019

World Health Organization WHO, (2019)

Cyclone in Mozambique and Zimbabwe Ebola virus disease in Democratic Republic of the Congo Humanitarian crisis in Mali Humanitarian crisis in Central African Republic.

Noncommunicable diseases in Africa: Youth are key to curbing the epidemic and achieving sustainable development

Naik, W. & Kaneda, T., Eds.: Population Reference Bureau, (2015)

Policy Brief | April 2015 | This brief accompanies the data sheet, Addressing Risk Factors for Noncommunicable Diseases Among Young People in Africa: Key to Prevention and Sustainable Development, and its data appendix, which provide all available country-specific data on four key NCD risk factors among young people in Africa since 2004. These publications extend an earlier publication, Noncommunicable Disease Risk Factors Among Young People in Africa: Data Availability and Sources. All are available at

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