IOM Bangladesh: Rohingya Humanitarian Crisis Response - External Update, 20-26 July 2018

International Organization for Migration (IOM), (2018)

- Following the heavy rains of the past two days, 49 incidents were reported, affecting over 4,700 individuals.
- Site Development activities this week included cleaning 24 drainage canals, building and repairing 38 bridges in all camps, as well as steps and pathways amounting to a total of 667 meters in all camps.
- IOM organised a training session on Introduction of Human Trafficking and Exploitation for IOM staffs and partners, which provided an overview of key concepts related to victim identification, understanding the experience of trafficked persons & case study, referral mechanism and interviewing techniques.
- Skills mapping of women in all camps is being carried out. In Camp 11, 60 Rohingya women have been enlisted for cash-forwork, Communication with Communities (CwC) and voluntary work.

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