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Situation Assessment of Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Bangladesh 2016

Valerie Karr et al., Eds.: Institute for Community Inclusion at University of Massachusetts , (2016)

The purpose of the situation assessment was to execute a situation analysis for Autism and Neurodevelopment Disorder (NDD) in Bangladesh. The situation assessment covers the following areas: a review of the scale and prevalence of NDD with trends of the disorder in the recent past in Bangladesh (see page 17); estimation of likely disease burden in the near future (see page 27); assessment of the social response to NDD in Bangladesh (see page 67); overview of the support and services required by persons with NDD (see page 79); an inventory of service providers working with NDD in Bangladesh (see page 85); an assessment of the adequacy of the existing services and support available for addressing NDD in country (see page 97); an overview of the role and preparedness of MOHFW and other stakeholders in addressing NDD in Bangladesh (see page 108); recommendations for monitoring, supervision and reporting mechanisms for NDD services at the national level (see page 167); and recommended key activities that should be undertaken by the Health and other relevant ministries in the short and medium term (see page 167).

Special Report Mental Health and Human Rights in Cambodia

Daniel McLaughlin, Eds.: Leitner Center for International Law and Justice, (2009)

A Mental Health Training Program for Community Health Workers in India: Impact on Knowledge and Attitudes

Gregory Armstrong, Michelle Kermode, Shoba Raja, Sujatha Suja, Prabha Chandra, Anthony F Jorm, (2011)

nternational Journal of Mental Health Systems2011,5:17

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