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Take responsibility for your health. Comic strip vol.3. Chukua jukumu la Afya yako. Kiswahili version

Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network, (2015)

Ujumbe kwa jamii: "kukabiliana na usugu wa dawa za kuua vijasumu- hadithi zinazohusu jamii inavyoshiriki kwa kutekeleza wajibu wake".

Take responsibility for your health. Comic strip vol.1

Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network, (2015)

Tackling antimicrobial resistance- a story of a community playing its part. This first volume of comic strips is titled "tackling antimicrobial resistance: a story of a community playing its part". It basically contains messages tailored for individuals at the grassroot.

Take action on antibiotic resistance. Toolbox

ReAct, (2016)

The aim of the Toolbox is to provide inspiration and guidance on what can be done to address the pressing issue, based on scientific evidence and experiences gathered from those working in the field across the globe. The Toolbox is built on what has been done in the past in a variety of settings and is aligned with ongoing and current initiatives. Throughout the Toolbox, a narrative text guides the user on how to work with the problem, combining practical advice with examples from the field, and providing links to external resources. Many resources can be adapted and implemented in a variety of contexts.

Antibiotic Prescribing in DR Congo: A Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Survey among Medical Doctors and Students

Thriemer K, Katuala Y, Batoko B, Alworonga J-P, Devlieger H, et al., Eds.: PLoS ONE , (2013)

Antibiotic resistance (ABR) particularly hits resource poor countries, and is fuelled by irrational antibiotic (AB) prescribing. We surveyed knowledge, attitudes and practices of AB prescribing among medical students and doctors in Kisangani, DR Congo.

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